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RMA and Maintenance

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Job Process

Return Merchandize Authorization (RMA) and maintenance ensures all systems and equipment the customer have are functional since they are paying for such maintenance services.

1) Conduct checks by identifying;

i) Up time of each equipment to ensure they are indeed functional and reliable

ii) Identify reasons why the system is unable to perform as usual and typically they are;

- New software patches that may cause issues to occur

- New change of hardware with different compatibility to the current system

iii) Actual hardware defects such as;

- Motorised component are unable to work, you may hear some cracking sound

- Cable is damaged

2) If items are defective, always;

i) Ensure all possible checks are done before concluding that the item is indeed defective. Question the person who conduct the checks to have clarity.

ii) Check with Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for solutions before concluding items are defective

iii) Check if we have spare stocks or other business branches, distributors and suppliers has ready stocks available

iv) If stock is unavailable, identify;

- What are the alternative replacements

- If replacement is unavailable, identify the shortest time required to get the parts in

- Keep in mind that custom clearance may hinder delivery schedule

3) If project is in overseas, large scale and costs more than 1 million, we may consider opening up a service office or have an agent in that local country for faster and efficient maintenance services.

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