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Enforcing process standardisation

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Job Process

The professionalism of our company greatly depends on how each of us perform in a standardised manner.

Process standardisation does not only impact the image of our company but also to bring clarity to people who are close to it. This greatly avoid conflicts and confusions due to miscommunication.

1) Different country have different culture and different working pattern. Some challenges when implementing processes are;

- Employee refuses to adopt new way that could improve work efficiency due to habits and belief locally

- Understand what makes an employee resist change and provide certainty with trust to guide them to new processes

- Getting a great leader overseas to lead the team is important as this keeps the morale and work attitude up

- Remove employees if they refuse to work as a team before they start badmouthing and creating a toxic culture internally

2) Ensure proper processes in reporting and executing are implemented to;

- Avoid other department heads to use my team for their departmental work. This ensures my team is not misuse for work that does not contribute to their performances. Also, to prevent them from suffering overloading of work

- Ensure all employees have their work well documented and reported to allow managers have clarity in the projects they are handling

- Avoid times when two or more managers provide different instructions to an employee that confuses them

- Provide certainty for employees to make decisions rather than making guesses

- NEVER compromise safety

3) Ensure proper training is provided when necessary 

- although training can be costly, it is very important when the process is the heart of the operations. The negligence of such may lead to process variations with different people having many ways to get a job done

- keep retraining in mind when there is a system or operational change

- always ensure training is delivered in a standardised manner to prevent variations during execution 

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