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Pitching new ideas as a Head of Operations

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Job Process

If the idea is good, the rest is up to the presentation!

1) Whenever we observe a need to improve our current operations, we will first identify where are the problems. If the problem require big changes, a presentation of idea will be required.

2) We will then propose a solution based on feedbacks gathered from different stakeholders. This includes;

- Setting a new Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

- Improvising existing SOP

- Request for new purchase for better systems and equipment to improve the speed of work done

- Acquire additional supplier to manage a part of the process professionally 

3) We will then provide different options and make a comparison to promote discussion. The determining factors includes;

- time for implementation

- how much is needed v.s. how much can the company save in the future

- strategic to the future plans by higher management

4) It is always important to do your homework and address any flaws before sharing to the higher management. It is advisable to go through the process of implementation to help you plan better.

5) For overseas implementation regarding training, we will recommend to train their leaders and managers, then have them to train their employees. Our job is to train leaders with a direction and ensure these leaders execute processes that best fit their team.

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