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Organising Music Trips

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Job Process

Only such trips could demonstrate real-time music that classroom settings are unable to provide.

1) We bring students to both local and overseas trip, usually due to;

i) specific agenda

ii) luck that when certain rare music bands or festivals are held in the holiday month

iii) when certain agencies approached us on this trip and that we find useful for students

2) When considering these trips, we will consider the following factors;

i) Value for money

ii) Safety

iii) Itinerary

iv) Which agent to work with

v) Meals

vi) Flight, lodging, and travels

We only work with appointed agents from the official government website Gebiz

3) Craft proposal to advise the school principal of the trip regarding;

i) purpose and the value it brings to the student

ii) budget required

iii) all necessary factors are carefully planned, especially safety

4) Once approved, we will also have to manage miscellaneous preparation works like;

i) Designing of posters

ii) Writing Emcee scripts

iii) T-shirts

iv) Gifts for students and Alumni

v) Paperwork such as attendance, flight details, lodging details

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