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Informal assessment (Music)

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Job Process

To provide timely assistance to our students before the final national examination is important!




It takes some level of experience and observation to be sensitive enough to identify rooms for improvement. 



Assessment without grading provides a stress-free environment for students to learn and apply. I will ask guiding questions to;




i) Help them identify and cover skillsets critical to their instrumental abilities



ii) Help them interpret different scenes in a play and the music used



iii) understand the intention of the composer and their plots



iv) assemble research and findings as pieces of evidence to prove a statement




To ensure the questions are relevant, I will;



i) Ask for feedback and help them clarify doubts



ii) Create a scenario and observe how they interpret to assess their capabilities and quality of answers



Based on their answers, I will plan for subsequent lessons to strengthen and decide how much to stretch them before the formal assessment.

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