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Prepare classes (Music Teacher)

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Job Process

Always structure the delivery of content in a way that suits the student's learning needs and capabilities.

My goal is to equip students with a specific set of skills generally defined by us to help them tackle national exams effectively.

1) Always structure the delivery of content in a way that suits the learning needs and capability of the student

2) With the purpose to allow students to reference whenever required, I will create hardcopy handouts that provide;

i) Definitions

ii) Diagrams

iii) Music scores

iv) If learning is experienced-based, I will provide short notes to let them understand and then go through the details in class

3) To impart knowledge effectively, I will plan for examples to explain certain concepts so students can relate and remember better. This can be in;

i) Video

ii) Audio

iii) Actual using of instruments to illustrate a point

4) For every class, I will observe their learning closely by;

i) listening to their feedback

ii) Looking at their facial expression if they look confused

- I will then prepare my next lesson accordingly instead of fully following the rigid academic structure

- If they understood the lesson, there would be more interactions, and I can see the confidence in their faces

iii) Alternatively, I will also use scenarios to see if students can apply the learning outcome well

These above processes will be repeated to ensure my class is well designed to help my students effectively.

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