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Lead Creation (Machinery Sales)

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Job Process

We need to generate leads to help us link up and share our products with the prospect, thus making sales.

Here are some useful practices you may want to adopt;

1) Based on the type of machine I am selling and the end product it produces, I will search for relevant companies who may be potential users and note if they are seeking expansion. This is a sign that they will buy new machines and hence I will approach them.

2) I will make a competitor analysis by finding the price of product, mutuality, and availability in the market to assess whether making a market entry is feasible. With this certainty, 

I can then implement strategies accordingly to conduct my business development. This includes;

i) types of product they intend to produce

ii) the monetary amount awarded for their project venture

iii) value projection of the market

iv) Country for their new setup and their potential partners

v) companies that they acquired

vi) directions of their next move

3) Distributing agents usually will contact me via LinkedIn. I will keep an open mind to allow them to sell our products in their market. If they can perform well in the market, we will work together. 

However, I will need to set ground rules to ensure they follow our professionalism since they represent our brand.

4) If the customer only needs one or two of our machines as we target the mass market, we will create marketing campaigns and SEO to be easily searchable online

We will also participate in networking events related to our industry to promote our presence. We will need our distributing agents to do the same in their respective markets.


1) It is important to track the performance of distributing agents. This allows you to review the partnership whether it is beneficial. You can also have logical reasons behind how you award these agents if they are in the same market.

2) Always be willing to cut off uncooperative distributing agents or those that do not perform well. This can save time for both parties to find better endeavors.

3) Ensure that your agent has a standard procedure in carrying out their business when representing you to avoid reputation issues due to their misbehavior. An agent will be penalised straightaway when they;

i) badmouth and criticise our products

ii) Steal from our client

iii) are unresponsive and uncooperative as if they aren't our agent

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