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General Admin (Machinery Sales)

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Job Process

You are assigned a laptop for a reason! To handle all these admin related tasks!

Here is a list of admin tasks you will need to do and the good practices associated with it;

1) Email

We will need to reply to the customer via email and we need to check them almost everyday. A few good practice to lighten your workload are;

i) "cc" colleagues responsible for handling the customer's request. Otherwise, connect with the relevant team and have them contact the customer. The best answer has to come from the person with the best knowledge. Don't attempt to handle everything yourself.

ii) If you think that an email cannot resolve the customer's enquiries, request to voice or web call them. A 15 min call may be much more efficient than multiple emails that result in no solution.

2) Be concerned about our machine's certification renewal date

Keep an update on when will be the certification renewal date. A few common certifications may be ISO, CE, NSF, and more. Depending on the company's direction, the seriousness of not renewing these certifications on time may prevent you from shipping your products to key markets like Europe and USA.

A good practice can be;

i) Whether this is your responsibility or not, it is essential to inform the relevant management or department to educate them on the seriousness

ii) Always keep track of your certificate's date of expiry to keep you updated whenever a shipment is concerned

3) Security Clearance

Depending on your company, you may require the visitors to have their names cleared before entering your premises. If you have a specialised admin staff to handle this, pass the details to this person. 

A good practice is to recheck with this admin staff if the clearance was successful. Do this 1 or 2 days before the visit.

4) Letter of invitation

If your agent or customer has to visit you locally, they will need to apply for a VISA, and a letter of invitation will be required. 

A good practice is to have a template ready so that you can fill in their names and particulars for submission.

You will need to clarify those who you are unclear of and never allow anyone who is not supposed to visit to be cleared under your name. You will be liable if anything happens. 

5) Claims

When we travel, purchase items, and book lodgings, we will usually pay in advance and claim afterward. However, this depends on your company culture. Some may require you to withdraw advance cash before the travel and return the leftover afterward.

A good practice is to ask for e-receipt so you can easily access them via email. If you have a physical receipt, keep them safe! Again, if you have an admin staff responsible for handling these claims for you, pass it to them. Your time should focus on the more important issues. 


i) If there is someone whom you can assigned your task to, always delegate and give instructions clearly. This will prevent any form of conflicts.

ii) Maintaining a good relationship with these important people can also lighten your workload whenever you need their help!

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