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Traveling Overseas (Machinery Sales)

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Job Process

The purpose of our business trip is to meet with potential prospects and close sales that our agents are unable to.

Per trip of 3 to 5 days, I usually meet 1 to 5 customers, with lodging and local chauffeuring both provided by the agent. However, depending on your company, you may have to travel alone, and you must coordinate with the relevant personnel overseas.

The tasks which I am supposed to complete includes;

1) Price Negotiation in which customers will ask for price reduction, and I will be ready with the lowest price to offer. Knowing how to bargain based on the local market's standard price is important to keep the profit margin higher.

2) I will conduct site recce and planning before commencing my work. I will study the site's layout to ensure they fulfill both our requirements based on their local electrical and civil engineering standards. This includes studying their land space, land stability, factory space, and location of electrical ports.

3)Technical enquiries such as;

i) How to improve the efficiency of low resource consumption

ii) How to maximize production

iii) How to reduce utility costs for water and electricity

iv) How to predict production using the given input that defines their system. I will also make use of calculations and data from past customers.

4) When traveling to meet existing customers, I will visit the factory first before heading to meet their high management. This allows me to understand the situation on the ground and craft solutions ahead of the discussion.


i) A well thought out itinerary will be beneficial and should reflect what you hope to accomplish during this trip. For instance, having two or three appointments confirmed well in advance and spaced comfortably throughout the day will be more productive than a hectic schedule.

ii) This overseas schedule should also be flexible enough to allow for unexpected problems such as transportation delays and unresolved discussions.

iii) Most importantly, show that you are there to provide solution and respect everyone you meet!

iv) Note that you might feel tired after the flight, hence if possible, arrange the meeting half or one day after you touched down. This will help you feel refreshed and alert for the negotiation and discussion later on.

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