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Design class curriculum (Music Teacher)

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Job Process

Given a given fixed amount of time, how can we maximise the student's learning outcome?

Using the right tools and methods, here are some good practices you may adopt;

1) Setting criteria by;

i) Identifying core competencies for the students to thrive in the music industry

ii) Balance between;

- Theoretical vs. individual unique ideas on music writing techniques

- Conventional vs. Risk-taking music style

iii) Imparting competencies over theories by;

- Guiding them to apply techniques and concepts

- Teach them how to identify similarities and differences in music

2) Identify who my students are and do a profiling of incoming batch. This will help me plan for a curriculum best suitable for the class. The objective is always to ensure the topics can be interpreted, understood, and mastered.

3) For a total of 30 teaching weeks per year, each chosen topic will cover 4 to 5 weeks and be different every year. I will design the learning based on;

i) Central theme across all topics; (Music and Literature) that can transcend chronological history and train students to see things from different perspectives, generations, and mindsets

ii) Knowing that students have little foundation knowledge, I ensure the curriculums are easy to understand and not complicated to comprehend slightly difficult ones

iii) Interpretation and aural skillsets that could be acquired and used throughout the whole academic year

4) Some lesson will focus on the following;

i) Helping them to identify and cover skill sets critical to their instrumental abilities

ii) Interpreting different scenes in a play and the music used

iii) Ask about the intention of the composer and their plots

iv) How to assemble research and findings to provide evidence to prove a statement

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