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Conduct classes (Music Teacher)

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Job Process

This is the time when students can absorb and understand.

I will conduct three types of classes, and they are;

i) Performance class that includes;

- Accuracy of playing an instrument when using music sheet

- Playing the instrument harmoniously when doing a duet

- Confidence when playing solo

- Performance etiquette such as facing the audience and bowing to them after the performance

- Being in the shoe of the musician; for example; Chopin’s music is played for friends, and so it has more liberty while Mozart is more elegant, hence the music should be played lighter

ii) Music theory class that includes;

- Knowledge in basic music harmony

- Writing of music notes

- Song arrangement and writing

- Compose music to a given video

iii) Listening class that includes;

- How to listen to a 3 minutes music extract

- How to perceive music era, style, and playing method

- using music that is outside academia to encourage exposure yet is related to their examinations

- illustrate the concept of how certain music expresses taboo yet musician can’t express them explicitly

After the class, I will write a report on the student’s learning outcome such as;

i) To evaluate performance, I looked at their technical control and skills, sensitivity to musical expressions, music-making, and their understanding of the music, such as their playing style

ii) To evaluate their theoretical understanding, I looked at their clarity in writing elements and parameters of music, the accuracy of music interpretations, aural skills, melody, rhythm, harmony, timbre, and textures

iii) To evaluate their listening, I looked at their accuracy and interpretation of what musical medium was used

iv) In addition, I also express interests in their creativity in expressing their point of view and establish a sense of self in their music interpretations and executions

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