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Assisting Fellow Engineers!

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Job Process

It is quite widely known that engineers are very busy individuals because they manage several projects.

Here are some ways as a fellow engineer can help!

1) Conduct maintenance on site client’s premise when your colleague is unable to handle single-handedly. To help, you will have to understand the situation ensuring there is no miscommunication of expectations and executions.

2) Conduct equipment testing on operations that you are familiar with when you colleague needed help

3) Conduct pre-sales together with sales team when the project is huge and your expertise is required

4) Introduce suppliers and vendors who can be useful to your colleague. This is usually done by introducing them face to face and explain project requirement before they take over

5) If you are going to purchase spare parts such as screws, bolts, cables, and more, it is good to ask if fellow colleagues would like to buy anything from the location you are visiting. This saves them time and effort.

Always be clear of the differences between help and responsibility. Helping is using your own resources to help with little to no influence when it comes to performance evaluation. Responsiblity is very related to performance evaluation. Hence, it is important you know when to say no if necessary.

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