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Selecting cameras for the project

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Job Process

Selecting the correct camera means meeting functionality at an optimum cost.

It is important to acquire this skillset when you are doing project management. Here are the considerations you should take note!

1) Is the camera used indoor or outdoor? This will determine the IP rating of your camera. e.g. IP64

2) Is the camera required to pan, rotate and zoom? Knowing what you need will optimise your cost

3) Do you need your camera to have a thermal function? For temperature detection and to detect areas that are dark

4) Do you need your camera to record audio?

5) What video resolution and effective distance do I need for my application?

6) What frame rate do I need for my application?

7) What network protoccol can this camera support?

8) Should I have a POE or a WIFI camera? Distance between camera helps to determine this.

9) What is the effective angle of view of the camera?

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