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Electrical Troubleshooting

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Job Process

It can be frustrating when troubleshooting electrical components. 

Here are a few checklist you can consider to get your job done!

1) It is important you understand the circuit before troubleshooting. Acquire relevant circuit diagrams or seek help from subject matter experts. 

2) Do you understand the purpose of the component? It is also important you understand the functions of the electrical components so you can trace the problems easier.

3) Use multimeter to test connectivity if the wire/cable is connected.

4) Use multimeter to test connectivity if there is any fuse blown.

5) Always check to ensure if there are any disconnection in any of the wirings. You can look for the location of the connectors and start tracing from there.

6) It is advisable to hold the wire/cable near the connector and shake it to ensure there is no loose or partial connections. Use multimeter to test connectivity after shaking.

7) Always check if any wires/cables have snapped, pressed, kinked, cut or even wired wrongly to other components.

Don't forget, always wear protective gear before attempting any work! Your life is more important than your work!

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