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Administrative work (Financial Advisor)

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Job Process

The hassle of doing so much paperwork is to ensure the correct plan is conveyed correctly with a rightful intent. A good system to create clarity when needs arise. 

1) Submission

Submission of client's application to relevant authorities for process and approval. This is usually an online procedure and all processes are systematically arranged to reduce errors and rejections.

2) Countersigning 

When filling application for a prospect, we follow templates to help our prospect apply for the plan without rejection. However, we may make some human error while customising the template. 

Hence, we will have to edit and revisit the prospect to countersign. Experience helps to reduce this error. Always scan a copy of the application for record purposes. 

3) Cheque

If prospect pays by cheque, we will have to accompany them to the bank and submit the company's cashier order. I will have to issue an official handwritten receipt. The company provides the receipt book.

4) Claims

At times of important moments, our priority is to ensure the client can make a claim. I have to make sure;

i) Document report is as factual as possible and ensure it aligns to the claiming requirement 

ii) On events when the client has pass away, I will visit the funeral to pay my respect. The beneficiary will inform us the date and time for such claims. Seek help with senior colleagues if unsure. 

5) Change of particulars

Change of particulars include contact details and address.

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