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Adobe Photoshop (Basic)

Large Wreath

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Large Wreath

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9 June 2021 at 2:44:49 am

Image by Daniel Mirlea
Job Process

Photoshop editing is essential, especially when a picture is not something you want.

Simple editing of a picture is a fundamental skillset for users using adobe photoshop. Here, we identify various skillsets and understanding you will be needing;

1) Controls

The problem with using design software is to learn how to control the work based on your intention and "shortcut" keys to expedite your design process. You may click here to this video to familiarise.

The important notes for you are;

i) how to zoom in/out (ctrl and +/-)

ii) how to move around areas in the image (hold spacebar)

iii) how to select and deselect images 

iv) crop the image as per your interest, right click, select/deselect

2) Remove background

If you do not need to have a high resolution image, you can try this online background remover; the process will be faster. Click here to try.

You may consider using photoshop's magic wand tool to select areas of the image you wish to select without going into the process of manual cropping.

If the contour is complicated, you will need to manually crop and the tool you need to use is "polygon

3) Layering

You must know that photoshop has layering.. Layering is used when you are combining 2 or more images into one, and editing is required for each of them. This ensures while editing one image, the other images are not affected. 

You may click here to watch the video regarding this topic.

4) Changing colour

Imagine you found a great photo but the colour of an item in it isn't to your liking, colour changing comes to the rescue! 

Because this process requires some step-by-step method, you may click here to watch the video on how to change colour.

However, do consider this can only be done for a picture that is distinctive from it's background. 

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