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Image by Daniel Mirlea
Job Process

Clarity comes from how we present.

For sales, marketing, promotion, and events, we will show pictures to customers for visualisation purposes.

Here are few good practices for you to consider;

1) For brochures, flyers, and backdrop, you will be required to design layout and placement of;

i) customised related pictures

ii) company logo

iii) product descriptions and specifications

iv) price tags

v) terms and conditions

2) Common design criteria are;

i) Taking photographs of the product in varying angles to illustrate key features and functions

ii) Design must promote readability, especially since the flyer may have to be displayed with multiple products and discounts. 

iii) Place company logo in obvious location

iv) Paper GSM (Grams per sq metre), surface texture and colour code

v) Size of the banner (usually one standard size in the market)

vi) Material for backdrop and canvas where resolutions  are in pixels and surface finishing have to be considered

4) Design is usually confirmed and printed after 1 round of verification with the management and relevant stakeholders. I will then approach and liaise with the printing company for;

i) Quotation

ii) Delivery date

iii) Requirement of printing paper

iv) Requirement for banner and backdrop

5) Depending on your company's processes, prints may be directly delivered to the sales or marketing department. 

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