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I feel like committing suicide, what should I do?

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9 June 2021 at 2:56:48 am

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Why suicide became your option?

1) Clueless - Are you clueless that you needed help?

2) Helpless - Are you helpless because you are not sure where and how to get assistance from?

3) Social Stigma - Do you fear social stigma as people may ridicule you of your mental health?

4) Love - Is this because that your loved ones aren't treating you well?

My personal experiences

I nearly died in days or even minutes when my right lung burst in my sleep.

The burst's cause is due to multiple large holes at the top of my right lung, and I have to go through an operation to prevent it from collapsing again. After the operation, the doctor warned me about the possibility of my left lung bursting as well. Since then, I started to worry every night, I have fears, but I do not know who to speak to, and slowly, I developed depression.

I have thoughts of suicide and am contemplating. I thought of different killing methods, but I realized I would either look ugly or end up in an even worst state if I failed. I do not want my family members to be sad. I still have friends and people who care about me.

I did not notice that I am suffering from suicidal thoughts for so long.

Why didn't I realized my change of behaviors? Why didn't I tell anybody about my thoughts? Why am I suffering silently alone?

This may also be the same process you are facing now. You are confused. You are not sure who to tell. You feared that instead of help was given, and you might get ridiculed or criticized. You felt helpless.

How can I seek help?

Step 1

Stop suffering quietly and recognise this is an issue that you shouldn't see lightly.

Step 2

Ask yourself, who can I trust? Who can I speak comfortably to and share my worries with? Is this a family member or a close friend of mine?

Step 3

If you feel that your loved ones are able to hear you out and help you, speak to them.

If you wish to avoid letting your family and friends know about it first, you may consider seeking professional help. You can do so by emailing or calling to enquire how they can help you. They should help you identify what is happening to you and must allow you to feel better.

If speaking to your family members was ineffective, you may also consider getting professional help as well. Never suffer alone!

Step 4

Once you feel better, let your family members and friends know of your situation if they don't know. You will need to explain clearly why and how you are suffering all this to avoid assumptions.

Remember, during difficult times, suicide is never the best form of escape. This is pushing of responsibilities to the ones left behind.

For professional help, you can message Lee Mcking by clicking here!

You may also contact the following to seek help.

i) Samaritans of Singapore (SOS) - 1800-221-4444 (24 hours hotline)

ii) Singapore Association for mental health. (SAMHO) - 6389-2222 (24 hours hotline)

iii) Institute of mental health - 1800-283-7019

iv) Tinkle Friend (For primary school children) - 1800-274-4788


I came to see mcking for an issue that had tormented me emotionally for more than 20 years. I really needed to resolve it or I wouldn’t be able to move on. The session was amazing. McKing guided my unconscious mind to the root cause and dealt the issue from there. I could feel the difference (almost immediately), the mind is now quiet, clear and sharp, there was no turmoil.

As the days passed, I can notice the powerful change inside out. My consciousness, awareness and thought patterns now process differently, naturally. How the power of the mind works is astounding. You are doing amazing work, McKing!

bf, 49 female, Singaporean Chinese

Recently I am quite anxious and worried. I decided to try McKing service. Within minutes of chatting he already start digging out what I am worried about and cleared it. The Purpose is found and the anxiety is gone. Another amazing experience is that during the session, McKing make my recovering fractured ankle lingering pain went away in a few seconds to help me heal faster. Thank you McKing for the such a wonderful session. Wish you can help more people with your skill and a great success in your practice of Hypnosis, and lifting more lives as you can.

SN, 46 Male, Singaporean Chinese

Contact Lee McKing today if you need help! Click here!

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