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I think my loved one is suicidal. How can I help?

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9 June 2021 at 2:57:04 am

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How-to Guide

Everyone has their most preferred and comfortable way of providing help, as well as receiving comfort.

Identifying the most suitable help you can offer will increase its effectiveness in suicide prevention.

However, do not force help upon them if they seem like they are not ready for help. 

This list of help is not exhaustive as there could be variations according to each individual’s needs. Nonetheless, this acts as a good starting point.

1) Emotional help

2) Physical help

3) Self Initiated help

1) Emotional help

Be open and genuine when showing concern. Be understanding of their situation. Rather than giving your own perspective and response right away, be a listening ear. Avoid the following;

- Scolding them

- Abandoning them

- Ignoring them

- Imposing your views on them

2) Physical help

- Being physically present makes one feel loved and cared for. This can mean simply sitting beside them and expressing your concerns.

- Encourage them to join you for activities that could take their mind off the negativity. Activities relating to their hobbies and interests are useful to create connections.

- Spend time with them at their favourite hangout places

3) Self Initiated help

i) Taking the initiative to read up more information about suicide prevention and check if the victim wants to seek help is a form of showing concern.

ii) How to search online effectively?

- Behaviors: are they shutting themselves off? Are they putting up a strong front? Are they crying too frequently? Are they acting violently and defensively?

- Perspective: are their common topic of the discussion negative in nature? Do they see death as the only solution to their problems?

iii) Remember: If they do not want to seek help yet, do not force help upon them and try providing help, in the form of type 1- Emotional and type 2- Physical, for the time being.

iv) If needed, seek professional help

How to help

i) Identify if your loved one is at risk of being suicidal.

ii) Try out different types of help and determine which method best suits them.

iii) Avoid coming across as being forceful and overbearing. When situation is beyond your control or means, seek external professional guidance.

iv) Guiding your loved one out of suicidal thoughts takes time, effort and is a continuous process.


I came to see mcking for an issue that had tormented me emotionally for more than 20 years. I really needed to resolve it or I wouldn’t be able to move on. The session was amazing. McKing guided my unconscious mind to the root cause and dealt the issue from there. I could feel the difference (almost immediately), the mind is now quiet, clear and sharp, there was no turmoil.

As the days passed, I can notice the powerful change inside out. My consciousness, awareness and thought patterns now process differently, naturally. How the power of the mind works is astounding. You are doing amazing work, McKing!

bf, 49 female, Singaporean Chinese

Recently I am quite anxious and worried. I decided to try McKing service. Within minutes of chatting he already start digging out what I am worried about and cleared it. The Purpose is found and the anxiety is gone. Another amazing experience is that during the session, McKing make my recovering fractured ankle lingering pain went away in a few seconds to help me heal faster. Thank you McKing for the such a wonderful session. Wish you can help more people with your skill and a great success in your practice of Hypnosis, and lifting more lives as you can.

SN, 46 Male, Singaporean Chinese

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