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Warehouse Logistics (Operations)

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Job Process

To ensure the logistical operations are operated smoothly, clear and reasonable instructions have to be given.

Here, we identified the good practices to do so;

1) Safety

When inside the warehouse area, rules have to be followed, and they are;

i) No smoking

ii) No slippers and proper footwear should be worn 

iii) No shortcut; do not operate beyond the equipment's capabilities, forklift, crane, etc.

iv) Use proper equipment to access high areas and never attempt alone if you feel unsafe

v) All driveway and walkway has to be cleared to access the different level of shelving 

vi) No chatting in the middle of walkway and driveway, especially when forklifts are driving around

vii) Do not attempt to carry heavy items alone; ask for help

2) Proper training

Training that does not relate to the everyday operations is not proper.

To prevent uncertainty in procedures, we will go through the following;

i) follow all warehouse rules and regulations for safety reasons

ii) how to retrieve items from the warehouse systematically

iii) how to update the stocks in the system

iv) how to pack and arrange the items

v) how to report defects and damages

vi) how to unload containers

vii) how to make effective delivery

3) Daily Briefing

Depending on the task, manpower allocation and objective of the day has to be communicated. Taking this chance, I will raise awareness on 

i) any upcoming operations

ii) recent minor and major mistakes

iii) observations on workplace safety

We will also address any questions and feedback.

This briefing should be at the start of the day and last not more than 15 mins. For a small team, briefing may be held once or twice per week.

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