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Unloading of container

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Job Process

As goods are transported from overseas, our job is to unpack, organise and distribute.

Depending on the company, there are deliveries of containers from overseas to the warehouse at different intervals. When a container arrives, I have to;

1) Check and verify the container number to ensure the correct container arrives at my warehouse.

2) Before unloading, check if there are any fragile or expensive items in the container by verifying with its packing list. If there are expensive items, unload them first and immediately keep them in a safe place, followed by fragile items.

3) Always check the quality of goods to ensure there are no broken parts, especially for fragile items. 

If there are defects, take a photo and send it immediately to Department Supervisor who ordered the items and update the Account Manager and General Manager about any expensive items. 

I will also email the situation to the warehouse supervisor from overseas. Occasionally, I will provide advice on how to pack the items to prevent such incidents from happening.

4) For food items, I have to ensure there is a laboratory report to prove they are safe for use, supervised under AVA and HSA Singapore. 

5) Unload all products to a holding area to check quantity; pack, replenish and schedule delivery to the relevant departments.

6) Clean the container after unloading; otherwise, the container provider will have the right to fine us SGD 500 to 700.

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