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Maintenance and Repair Machineries

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Job Process

Downtime is not acceptable, especially in times of urgent situations. 

Our responsibility is to ensure all types of machinery are well maintained to prolong their life, and ensure there is a contingency plan when they are down. Here are a few tips you should consider;

1) Follow the maintenance routine recommended by the machine manufacturer. However, due to variation of usage, operator, and cost, maintenance routine can be affected. For example, using a cheaper oil cuts cost but may affect the machine's performance if the maintenance routine is not adjusted accordingly.

2) Provide proper training for machine usage and ensure the machine users carry out good cleaning and maintenance routine.

3) Keep in mind the duration of the repair in the event when it is required. Take note of the longest repair time when you are speaking to the manufacturer and ensure work curriculums will not be affected during the downtime.

4) Have in mind to train someone in the organization to repair minor problems on the machine. This reduces incurred cost when activating personnel from the manufacturer. Always keep a few contacts if you need to outsource such repair work. This ensures you have alternatives when other contractors are unable to meet your schedule.

There may be times when the repair personnel is not experienced enough and changed items that are working fine. On top of that, they charge you manhour and component price, which you should not be paying. Hence, it is important you allow the repairman to check, diagnose, and brief you on the problem before letting them start on the work.

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