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Asset Accountability (Tertiary School)

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Job Process

Besides the account book, stock accountability is also vital, especially in assets management.

As some of the assets may be parked under our custodian, we must ensure they are intact and functional. Here are a few tips to help you on managing assets.

1) If the item is not in use, store them where only authorized personnel can access them. This means getting a locker or have a room to keep them.

2) Have a sign-in/out book to track the movement of the item for traceability in the scenario when the item is spoiled and no one owns up. However, you need to juggle between whether this is necessary versus convenience to co-worker. For example, cheap tools like spanner, allen key, screwdrivers.

3) For items that require maintenance such as motorised components like machines, ventilators, refrigerators, robotic platforms and 3d printers. This also includes it's coupling, rubber and bearing.

4) Ensure asset can be managed and operated correctly for classroom operations. This include setting up training with proper documentation.

5) For consumable items, ensure you keep them in areas where they are not easily accessible and slowly replenish them whenever depleted. This prevents co-workers and students from over misuse these items for non-work related activities. The consumable items include;

- can only be used once

- wear and tear to be predicted across time

- low valued items such as stationary, wipes, cables/wires

The good practice is to post the inventory list online to allow good tracking of usage and quantity updates. When you are given an allocated budget to maintain these assets, consider;

- replenishment in cases where the users are overusing them

- scheduled maintenance and repair

- unforeseen purchases

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