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Solution Planning and Proposal (Sales)

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As the customer has many limitations themselves, any solutions that can lighten their load will be considered!

Depending on your industry, a customer will require more than one solution other than your machines. If you can help them reduce cost at an overall scale, your customer will rely on you. Here are a few good practices;

1) Build a network

Whenever you are at events, speak to companies that your potential may find helpful. They can be;

i) Construction company for factory building

ii) Human resource company to hire workers

iii) Other companies related to your supply chain, such as; supplier, a customer of your customer

If possible, meet them for a meal/coffee when you are around their area. Share each other's business and identify how to help each other. The best sales technique is through word of mouth. 

2) Share the network

As much as you need your network to give you customers, you should do the same. Always be curious about what your customer is having problems with. Ask these questions;

i) What would they need besides our machine?

ii) Are they having problems finding suppliers?

iii) Are they having problems with acquiring customers?

iv) Are they having issues with some of their parts and components?

v) What are they unsatisfied with?

With the demand available, finding a supply to meet their needs will be easier as you already have built yourself a network.

3) Do the planning for the customer

If the customer is bad at planning something you or your company is good at, propose a helping hand and bring them insights to bring certainty to the table.

A few things you can look at are;

i) Space optimisation when placing machines

ii) Cost-cutting techniques when they allocating manpower to each manufacturing processes related to your machines

iii) Cost-cutting techniques by optimising the use of materials, reducing unnecessary processes, and increase their productivity

iv) Other insights could be helpful such as solutions on;

- HVAC air filtration and conditioning for worker's safety and compliance indoor

- Land optimisation by designing buildings based on relatable processes that will cut down on transportation time and process efficiencies

- Safety compliance on large-scale high-risk setups such as pressure vessel, boiler, power plant, gas chambers, and more.


Being a salesman of your customer and your network will make you a great person to work with

Never over-promise any kind of solution, always provide proposal carefully

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