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Product Testing (Lighting)

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Job Process

It is our responsibility to ensure our customers receive quality products.

Through our local distributor, we will visit existing and new customers twice to thrice a week to conduct tests and trials on the lighting systems set up by our distributors;

i) our distributors will do manual fixing of the lightings first

ii) When the distributors face any issues with our company products, we will make site visits to rectify them after they inform and seek approval from the client

To conduct the test; a few standard things to check are;

i) Wiring connectivity of the lightings by checking any loose, disconnected, missing wires

ii) System programming to ensure that proper settings are adjusted correctly for the lighting. For example, if the sensor senses a person, the light will switch on.

iii) Provide advice on the re-location of certain lightings, which includes placement, brightness control, and dimming of lights


As we may be handling a few projects at one go, we need to resolve problems quickly; hence, it is essential to understand our products well. This includes;

i) Advantages

ii) Disadvantages

iii) Limitations

iv) Known bugs and patterns of problem

v) Common troubleshooting mindset and methodology to identify the root cause by analyzing symptoms of an issue.

This ensures effective use of time to solve any problems quickly.

It is always good to know that the manual installation of all lighting systems is done by our distributor, who might not fully know our system.

If you are new, seek your senior's help and ask if you can be supported whenever you are stuck with issues.

Definition: Distributors are companies or individuals that act as a representative for our company, selling our products to earn commission

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