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Physical Security Response

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Job Process

Once the alarm is sounded in our customer's premise, we have to reach we have to reach the activation site within 30 minutes to be effective in the response.

When customer arm their alarm system, any movement captured by any of the sensor will be triggered and activated in their premise. This explains why we have to response immediately in case of trespassing

We will drive our company car to conduct external and internal check on the premise. This includes checking for;

- Pry marks

- Shattered windows

- Fence holes

- Opened office doors

- Messiness on the floor - seemed like someone is finding something in that area

- Opened drawers and cupboards

If concluded of a break in, I must inform the command center, and police will be activated.

If concluded of false alarm by ensuring there is no one in the premise and no sign of break in, I will rearm the system (which means to set the security back on again).

This is considered a shift work and I will have to operate outside of my office.

This is a one-man job and is considered a shift.

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