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Commissioning of Alarm system

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Job Process

When there is a new alarm system being set up, I am required to visit customer premise to provide training and commissioning for them.

*Commissioning is the process of assuring that all systems and components of a building or industrial plant are designed,  installed, tested, operated, and maintained according to the operational  requirements of the owner or final client. (From Wikipedia)

1) Conduct briefing to user on arming and disarming of alarm system by demonstrating the proper standard procedures.

For example;

- Ensure no one else are in the premises before arming.

- Ensure all doors with door contact are fully closed.

- Reporting procedures to our control center if there are any issue when arming the system.

2) Let user have the chance to experience the arming process to have better certainty on the procedures. This includes;

- Passing them alarm tag (which is an item used to arm the system) and ask a few of the trainees to demonstrate the procedures in my presence.

- Purposely set off the alarm to let the user have a firsthand experience of alarm activation. Moreover, during times of panic, they should know what setting to look out for and react to it.

- Ensure trainee are aware the importance of giving control center a call to clarify they have reset the alarm system. Without doing so, we will have to spend time to call them and if they are uncontactable, we may have to visit their premise and potential charges will be imposed depending on the frequency of false activation.

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