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Attending to fault call

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Job Process

Fault call is activated when Command Centre did not receive arming signal even though the premise is supposedly armed at that particular timing. 

This is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT from security response where alarm will be sounded off.

This is when we will call the customer and assure arming has already been made. If not, we will visit the premise.

Our Job Process includes;

1) Drive company car to visit the premise to check on both alarm and entry access system for any system abnormalities.

Entry access systems are systems that require users to flash their ID card or token in order to enter the premise.

2) Clarify and verify if there are issues related to sensor, loose wire, connectivity, power, programming, or communication.

- We have our personal toolbox containing mechanical and electrical equipment required for testing and simple reparation. Typical tools used are Allen key, Screwdriver set, wire crimper, multimeter, laptop, and electrical diagrams.

- Typical issues that we can resolve are; simple reconnection of cables and wires by crimping, replacement of sensors, ballast, fuse, and reprogramming of the software.

- If technical fault issues are unable to be resolved within our capabilities, we will transfer to the technical department where they have contractors with manpower to handle.

3) We aim to finish troubleshooting within the day to minimize the usage of manpower since another person from the next shift must take over. Knowing when to inform the technical department or resolving ourselves is important. If unsure, seek help quickly, especially for new employees.

4) We will provide a report after fault rectification, typically called After Action Review (AAR).

5) This is a one-man job and is considered a shift.

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