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Request to deploy (Software)

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Job Process

The actual deployment of the app starts now!

This process ensure the created program is deployed officially to the customer's server and/or devices. In this stage, you should take note of;

1) Make confirmations and arrangements to allow customers to deploy the program on their system. This comes after the customer is satisfied with all previous trials.

2) We will need to request by using a deployment form/consent/agreement and have relevant stakeholders endorse such deployment. These processes have to be carefully vetted, especially when confidential information and data are involved.

3) Upon agreement, we will be granted access to the customer's data for the deployment. 

4) Relevant stakeholders will be present to test the system once the deployment is done. A checklist will be provided to verify;

i) Permission granted to relevant users to access data are correct

ii) A given input should result in a desired output

iii) All functions and features are tested and operational

Note: Do be reminded that the deployment process can be different for different companies and purposes of the app.

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