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Evaluate student's performance (English)

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Job Process

This is a good chance for me to evaluate if assigned homework is too difficult.

Being quick in adjusting our pace and teaching style helps keep the students stay relevant to the curriculum. When we start to lose their interest, it isn't easy to get them back. When evaluating their English performances, I will;

1) Evaluate students based on their writing and answers. This will give us profile information about their;

i) Grammar skills

ii) Use of vocabulary

iii) Sentence structuring

iv) Flow in presenting information

2) During class, I will observe student’s performance and correct whenever necessary to prevent them from believing that a mistake is correct. The faster we motivate corrections, the quicker they adapt and apply.

3) Normally, weak students will make mistakes. But, as long as they improve across time, the lesson is delivered right. However, for those who are generally weaker even after multiple weeks of correction, I will let them rewrite and practice more by observing them more closely

4) For stronger students, I will help them do better by providing suggestions. This includes giving them more ideas and purpose behind their writing to make their work more outstanding.

Being mindful to observe, listen and communicate effectively will show that you are a competent teacher!

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