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Cross Deployment

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Job Process

With a shortage of manpower who possesses specialised skillsets and expertise, we will be required to support other modules.

This includes;

1) Teaching and guiding programming classes to allow students to understand further about a certain programming executions, usually on Arduino and RaspberryPi

2) Teaching students on how to use software such as CAD and analytical tools to achieve the learning outcome

3) Invigilate and provide students’ guidance for hands-on related activities to ensure safety and prevent any misuse of tools

4) Being additional manpower to facilitate class engagement, especially related to group projects.

5) Faulty items such as spoiled electronics, damaged mechanical parts and machines will be handled over to me for repair and replacement. Such problems are usually caused by misuse and incorrect application techniques due to students’ inexperience and lack of clarification.

6) Administration work such as documentation and reports for any event and issues surfaced are usually handled by me before escalation. Hence, when the admin department approaches me for help, I have to help them since I am more aware of the situation and better with technical knowledge. 

7) Facilitating the contractor’s work and resolving technical issues on the ground will be required occasionally.

Staff who have non-urgent matters may be assigned for such cases. Even if you are unsure, you will still be sent to the situation and find a solution to resolve the problem. Hence, you must be aware of your surroundings and be curious about what your other colleagues are doing. This will help you to have some clarity when the time comes.

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