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Want to be more productive? Focus on managing your emotions!

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9 June 2021 at 2:57:08 am

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How-To Guide

Knowing the nature of emotions and how we tend to deal with them can help us better manage emotions instead of becoming overwhelmed.

By doing so, you can focus on more important tasks. Here three things you should consider when it comes to managing your emotions;

1) Choice of words

2) Passing emotions

3) Accepting emotions

1) Choice of words

When you are articulating how you are feeling, the choice of words is important.

- There is a very subtle yet impactful change that you can make in your choice of words. For instance; Instead of saying “I am angry”, try “I am experiencing anger” instead.

- It creates distance between you and emotion, making it clear that it is something separate from you. This makes it less likely to escalate to the point that one is completely overwhelmed by emotions.

2) Passing emotions

Emotions are bundles of energy. They come and go easily.

Therefore, any emotion that you experience will always move on. Understanding that it would not last forever will generate a sense of hope and peace of mind.

3) Accepting emotions

When one experiences an unpleasant emotion, the first instinct is to resist it, but all that does is only to stop it from moving on.

We tend to resist unpleasant emotions because we don’t like how they feel. 

However, instead of only accepting pleasant emotions and rejecting negative ones, life would be easier if we embraced all emotions so that they can pass more quickly, as mentioned in Type 2 — Passing emotions.

Additional Tips

Emotions are the driving force behind all your actions and state of mind. When you embrace and understand them, you can take positive steps to manage your emotions. This leaves you feeling calm and collected no matter what happens. With this, you can do what you love and be more productive!


I found out that my life has been very messy, which affected my productivity. Anji's programme gave a deeper look into myself which has really benefited me. The thing I took away was how practical the exercises were. I could practice at work or at home. I just needed 2 or 3 mins of time to get myself back to the center. So, far it's worked out very well for me, as I am an overthinker and it really disrupts my work


School Manager

I found myself very caught up in to-do lists, negative thoughts and harsh judgements on myself. I was easily overwhelmed and missing out on fun experiences. I'd used a few apps in the past but I didn't really know how to take it into the real world. After, I found myself more in touch with what was going on. I was able to identify how I was feeling in situations and able to accept or change them. I felt calmer and I had the ability to cope with unpleasant situations, as well as, being mindful and present for all the fun things too.


Advertising Executive

I took the programme because i wanted to better understand what to do when i felt anxious. after the programme, I feel like I can better regulate my thoughts and emotions which has helped me not just at work but in my personal life. I'd like to recommend this programme for those who'd like to better understand how their mind works, to regulate their emotions and would like to be more self-aware.


Business Development Manager

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