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How can I overcome the wall of resistance?

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Anji Hallewell

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9 June 2021 at 2:57:17 am

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For progress to occur, stepping out of our comfort zones is the hardest thing to do.

The reluctance to step out of our comfort zones often makes us resistant to change as it allows us to feel safe. However, resisting changes could potentially prevent us from improving and growing into better individuals. Below are three core elements to push through your doubt, fears, and worries that keep you playing a smaller game.

1) What is resistance

2) When it shows up

3) How to move beyond it

1) What is resistance

The parameters to make decisions may differ depending on the amount of fear, worry, and doubts we have within us and how we choose to act upon it. In this case, our initial resistance to change knows where our comfort zone lies and the parameters surrounding it. Therefore, this resistance acts as a guardian to keep us within those boundaries and protect us from stepping out of our comfort zones.

Identifying such resistance or knowing the cause of worry and fear will help you rationalize and understand that it may be just a feeling of uncertainty or overthinking. Some common thoughts may include;

- Someone might disagree with me

- I am not capable enough to do this

- I am not sure if I will regret doing this

2) When it shows up

When the guardian; “your resistance to change” shows up, the mind will think of reasons to convince you that it is safer to remain in your current state; and encourages you to stay in your comfort zone.

The more you give in to this resistance, the more you are reluctant to step out to become the person you aspire to be. Once you concretize such beliefs, it projects your fear and allows you to think that: “this is impossible for me.”

So, do you wish to have such resistance hampering your life or risk stepping out of your comfort zone to take control of your own life?

3) How to move beyond it

We all have past experiences where we bypassed our doubts and fear to accomplish things we wish to do. So, what inspires this sudden drive?

It is usually an impactful event that spurs us forward to be brave enough to overcome that certain fear. However, do you wish to always be in such stressful situations?

To move beyond this, you have to acknowledge that resistance exists, just like how both opponents in Dojo, a form of martial arts, will look at each other in the eyes. Only by acknowledging one another, they can then know and predict each other’s next move.

Similarly, you have to acknowledge and overcome your resistance by assessing it rationally and telling yourself that your fears are invalid by having a solution to it.

You can then step out of your comfort zone with confidence. This will allow you to take advantage of your own potential and progress!


I found out that my life has been very messy, which affected my productivity. Anji's programme gave a deeper look into myself which has really benefited me. The thing I took away was how practical the exercises were. I could practice at work or at home. I just needed 2 or 3 mins of time to get myself back to the center. So, far it's worked out very well for me, as I am an overthinker and it really disrupts my work


School Manager

I found myself very caught up in to-do lists, negative thoughts and harsh judgements on myself. I was easily overwhelmed and missing out on fun experiences. I'd used a few apps in the past but I didn't really know how to take it into the real world. After, I found myself more in touch with what was going on. I was able to identify how I was feeling in situations and able to accept or change them. I felt calmer and I had the ability to cope with unpleasant situations, as well as, being mindful and present for all the fun things too.


Advertising Executive

I took the programme because i wanted to better understand what to do when i felt anxious. after the programme, I feel like I can better regulate my thoughts and emotions which has helped me not just at work but in my personal life. I'd like to recommend this programme for those who'd like to better understand how their mind works, to regulate their emotions and would like to be more self-aware.


Business Development Manager

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