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How to use FengShui 5 elements to your benefits?

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9 June 2021 at 2:56:57 am

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Five elements, namely Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, has been the cornerstone of Chinese Metaphysics and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The balance of the five elements denotes a balance of the body, thereby leading to a balanced life and health.

Because of interdependencies between elements, any excess or insufficiency will affect its cycle leading to undesirable situations. To know more about the representations of 5 elements, click here to download a complementary illustration by Master Max.

Hence, the art of balancing is shared here so you can adopt and understand how this can better help you. Benefits include being able to identify intrinsic health issue and enhance health and success.

The production cycle is

Earth produces Metal

Metal produces Water

Water produces Wood

Wood produces Fire

Fire produces Earth

Cycle continues

The destruction cycle is

Metal destroys Wood

Wood Destroys Earth

Earth destroys Water

Water Destroys Fire

Fire Destroys Metal

Cycle continues

Case study 1

Client's career is not smooth-sailing because she lack trustworthy support from co-workers at work.

During a conversation with her, she seems timid and worrisome. She also fears to take on new challenges and responsibilities at work.

From this, we can infer she lacks water elements since water's negative emotions are associated with worry and fear. This fear hinders her from taking on responsibilities, thus affecting her career.

To boost her courage and help her take on a more proactive approach, advice was given for her to consume more tonic to support her Kidney since Kidney is the representative organ of water element. Since Earth element destroys water, we would like to reduce her Earth element to reduce her worry and fear. Advice was given for her to consume ginger supplements to warm up her liver, which is a wood element. (since wood element reduces her excess of Earth).

To create change, my client’s mindset is important as this effectively impact mind-body balance. I explained to her the importance of being opened and receptive to ideas and practice seeing things with positivity.


Due to the effectiveness of mind-body treatment, client is able to improve both mental and physical health. Her performance at work place has also improved.

Case study 2

Requested to look at Fengshui in client’s house and upon questioning realized;

1) Client has consistent pain in the leg

2) Client’s mother has rheumatism (inflammation and pain in joints and muscles)

A two signs of excess of water element in the family as bone problems are associated with water.

Through observation, we can see that a pond extends from outside into the center of the house, and the house faces North which welcomes water energy. This explains why the client is experiencing an excess of water.

1) To resolve, advice was given to removed water in the pond and sealed it.

2) Next, construct a wooden platform that extends from the center of the house to the exterior as wood element can improve life vitality and create balance in the usage of elements. 


Reported pain subsided within weeks

For more enquiry on balancing your 5 elements, contact Master Max by clicking here!

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