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How can colours affect your FengShui?

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9 June 2021 at 2:56:52 am

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Colours is one of many techniques used in FengShui five elements to improve our state of life.

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Colours can affect us through 5 elements in 3 broad areas

1) Our Belongings

2) Our Environment

3) Company Branding

1) Our Belongings

Everyone has their own representative elements. Therefore, certain colours are suitable to be worn to enhance and balance their Fengshui. For example, if you are an element of earth, you can wear crystals that are yellow in colour such as Topaz to amplify it.

When an occasion require us to wear colours not favorable to our element such as wearing Uniform, we can then use these accessories to do such balancing.

When selecting a colour for your car; as it is related to its shape and brand that are also associated to 5 elements, it is advisable to achieve a balance of colour to enhance your Fengshui.

2) Our Environment

When you exist in an environment, you will have a relationship with all 5 elements.

For example, if you are an element of “Wood”, you will feel uncomfortable in a place with “Metal” elements. Because “Metal” destroys “Wood”.

Also, there are areas of the house associated to different aspects of our lives. The northern part is related to career and a colour like “Red” which signifies “vibrance and energy” can help to enhance career prospects.

Other important areas like the bedroom (where we spend most of our time resting in), require us to avoid colours like violet or purple as they create aggressiveness and frustrations.

Through use of the right colours in your house, you can optimize the flow of energy and Fengshui around you and your loved ones!

3) Company Branding

Company brandings frequently use logos to promote their business.

It is equally important for business owners to design their logos with certain colors balanced with the business’s representative element.

For example, in the Food and Beverage industry (F&B), a restaurant represents the element ”Fire” because they use fire to cook.

Hence, the choice of logo colour should be appropriately selected; which is usually around the colour of yellow (earth), red (fire), and green (wood) as they are related to the growth cycle of fire. Look for the logo of your favourite restaurant to see if it's true!

Because shape is also part of the 5 element, it is also important to consider them during such work of balance.

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