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Patient's mental care

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Job Process

Ensure the patient does not feel stress, depressed and suicidal. This is important for individuals who have suffered physically, especially to their face.

1) Whenever there is a chance to interact with the patient, observe their behavior such as;

i) being closed up

ii) being hot-tempered

iii) have a lesser appetite by having more leftover food

2) The above may be signs of mental stresses such as worry and fear. A few common causes are;

i) Trauma

ii) Flashback

iii) Nightmare

iv) Hospital bills

v) Relationship issues such as family and partners

3) We will find time to communicate and understand their concerns, then to provide them the support they need. 2 important things are;

i) Listen

ii) Empathy

4) If the patient continues feeling stressed and worried, we will feedback and arrange for a specialist to speak to them or provide them with financial support. 

Purpose is to ensure patients can cooperate with the medical procedures to promote a speedy recovery and transit back to normal life.


It is always good to show politeness but always be firm in conveying your responsibilities to ensure patients follow necessary procedures that promote their recovery

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