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Patient's hygiene care

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Job Process

For patients who are unable to clean themselves, they may experience discomfort and itchiness. Moreover, we will have to do daily dressing for certain injuries to ensure the wound can recover faster.

1) If a patient's condition restricts the use of their hands, we will help them;

i) Shower and ensure they are properly dried before wearing a new set of clothes. Some tips include;

- Cleaning groin area to prevent yeast from forming that cause rash

- If patient suffer chemical burns on the body, they have to shower every hour

ii) For patients with long nails, we help them wear a form of padded protection/restraint around their hands to prevent them from scratching themselves

iii) Maintain ear and nose hygiene

iv) Maintain oral hygiene by brushing their teeth

v) Assist the patient to the toilet when necessary to prevent any risk of falling

2) If patient is wounded and with a dressing;

i) We will assess the wound's condition, clean the wound and replace the old dressing with a new one based on the doctor's advice. This promotes wound healing.

ii) As the patient is lying on the bed for a prolonged period, the wound can be worsened when pressure is applied. To prevent the formation of pressure ulcers, we will turn the patient from side to side at different timings.

iii) Keep the wound dry during showering by covering the wound with a waterproof material to prevent any waterborne infection.

Always raise your concern to management if patient shows signs of sexual harassment. Proper replacement and actions will be taken to ensure you are protected.


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