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How Nestle develop the InGenius program for business growth?

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InGenius program was set up in 2014 by Nestle to encourage growth.

A platform created for employees to pitch their innovative ideas.

If you are unaware, Nestle is the owner of many great daily food products such as Milo, Nescafe, Kit Kat and many more. Click here to visit their InGenius website.

When implementing this initiative, their focus was;

1) Idea creation

2) Provide necessary support to help their employees design and realize their ideas

Using WE Development's Demand-Supply Improvised (DSI) model, let us look at how Nestle implemented positive change!

1) Reflected in DSI model - Idea

Nestle first identified that idea contribution is best from their employees who are closest to their business processes. This is also seen from their page that only employees can contribute suggestions.

Second, they positioned themselves as being approachable by having a dedicated website just for this. Also, they created a video with key executives to support this movement with the intention to reach their international counterparts; click here to watch.

Third, they positioned and exhibited they are receptive by having more than 60,000 employees from 108 countries, generating 4870 ideas with over 82,000 votes as referenced from their site. 69 solutions were since deployed to address challenges around the globe. (Statistics are taken from Nestle as of 2020 July)

2) Reflected in DSI model – Design

First, Nestle allocated funds to invest in their employee's ideas

Second, they communicated and executed ways to support their employees by having a toolkit section on their website to help their employees to make better decisions. You can click here to visit the toolkit section.

Third, it is seen that Nestle has not given up on its initiatives since 2014 and continuously refine their approach to gather more ideas from this program. This is reflected in their InGenius webpage with active ongoing projects.

Gentle Note

If you wish to know more about how DSI model can help you, book a consultation with us here today!

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