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Handling patient's request

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Job Process

Ensure patients are well-taken care of mentally and physically. 

1) When patients need to be fasted due to medical procedures yet insist on getting food, we have to explain to them the importance of fast recovery versus staying in the hospital for an extended period. Questions used to persuade them are;

i) Do you want to have a longer stay here? Or to return to the comfort of your home?

ii) A longer stay here means more costly, are you sure a $5 dollar food is important than your monthly hospital bill?

2) Because the patient was admitted suddenly, they do not have charging accessories for their handphones. When they request for one and we are unable to provide it immediately, some may find other ways to make you busy in the effort to draw your attention or vent an anger;

i) Asking you to make drinks multiple times

ii) Help them with adjusting their beds 

3) Some patients from higher class wards tend to order food delivery without informing us upfront. And because they are unable to pick up the food, they will request us to help them. 

They may also ask us to purchase newspaper or soft drinks from the canteen with some of them not paying us any money. Often, due to our overloading work, we will nicely reject the request. 


Whenever a patient is being over demanding, we have the rights to speak to them nicely of our main responsibilities; that is to help patients who needs us most.

We may communicate to the patient that some of their request can be made, but within a certain timing when manpower demand is not that tight.

You may consider rejecting unreasonable requests beyond your capabilities by stating that the rules and regulations disallow certain requests and to seek their understanding.

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