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Beautiful and delicious bake by Kiley's Bakery

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Kiley's bakery specialises on various beautiful pastries to feed both your visual and taste buds! In this mooncake festival, Kiley's Bakery is offering you these flavours:


- White Coffee Paste

- Caramel Paste

- Red Bean Paste

- Yam Paste

- Custard Paste

- Pandan Paste

- Durian Mung Bean Paste

- Lotus Paste

- Matcha Paste

- Chocolate Paste


(Optional: Add Salted Egg Yolk For FREE!)


For orders or enquiries, PM or contact Kiley's Bakery at

+65 81211129

Facebook page

Instagram Page

Beautiful and delicious bake by Kiley's Bakery

- Kiley's Bakery bakes FRESH before delivery!

- Kiley's Bakery uses NO PRESERVATIVES in all their food!

- Kiley's Bakery uses FRESH ingredients for every lovely bake!


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