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Read basic electrical engineering drawings

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Job Process

How do I connect high voltage and current for a system? Refer to electrical drawings!

As far as safety is concern, you are highly advised to follow electrical drawings. If unsure, ask! 

Most importantly, protect yourself by wearing proper PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). To interpret electrical drawings, you should take note of;

1) Understand if the system is connected in parallel or in series

2) Know your electrical symbols to ensure you can identify if the component is a switch, load, motor or power

3) Identify the source of the power and ground to provide you with a good reference point to start and end

4) Identify thickness of the line to know the type of cable required for the routing

5) Most importantly, you should seek clarifications on;

i) type of connector used for the electrical components

ii) type of shielding, core, thickness and rating of the cable and wire

iii) electrical boxes to house the component which includes casing, mounting, bracketry and more.

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