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Patient's nutrition care

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Job Process

Ensure patients have proper nutrition intake to enhance their recovery.

Dependent on the patient's status and condition;

1) If a patient is nil-by-mouth (unable to swallow food adequately), specialised feeding techniques must be administered, either through tube feeding or given via IV nutrition.

2) If a patient is awake and can swallow food but is unable to use hands, we will have to serve them regular food. It is always good to wait for the patient to finish chewing before feeding the next spoon. Clear their food once they have finished consuming.

3) If a patient cannot chew food, we will modify their food texture and serve them soft food such as porridge, mash potatoes, and yogurt. We also use thickeners as specified by doctors in their drinks depending on their ability to swallow.

4) Afterwards, we have to record and monitor each patient's food and fluid intake into the system. This includes ½ vegetable, ½ soup, ¾ rice.


Never neglect and be extra aware of each patient's dietary needs, contraindications, and to assist them accordingly. Any negligence can have a detrimental effect.

Many patients dislike the taste of thickeners and want us to put less into their food, but nurses will still have to follow instructions and set the right amount of thickener to ensure compliance.



Used in liquid foods/drinks, it makes the food a thicker consistency that is less likely to cause aspiration (problems in swallowing) and is highly recommended for patients who can no longer swallow normal food safely.

Because thickened liquids travel down the throat at a slower pace, making it easier to control. Therefore the liquid won't go down to the lungs and cause aspiration, coughing, choking, and problems.


To withhold certain treatment and medication as it may be deemed harmful to the patient.

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