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Is everything either black or white?

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JP Tan

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9 June 2021 at 2:57:26 am

Image by Daniel Mirlea

Is black considered black if its environment is black? Or is white considered white if its environment is white?

If there is a white spot in a black paper, is this a defect? If there is good in an environment of evil, is this also a defect? Often, we are struggling to do good in an environment that forces us not to because we will be looked upon as a defect. Like a person who goes against the norm and affects the balance of operations to do good. Instead of being the white, you are considered as the defect of black. 

You tried not to be the defect of black; however, your heart tells otherwise. Your decisions are often in a dilemma. Your actions result in a spectrum of Grey, stuck between black and white. This constant struggle within the spectrum of Grey causes uncertainty and fear to arise. Your actions slowly turned into black due to rejections and self-protection. Soon, you realised, you are a black spot in a white paper. You became a defect of white.

Often times, we thought what is good for our environment might not be really what they want.

Just like being a white spot in a black paper. You tried to blend in, but you felt something could be done better. You start doing things differently, and resistance arises. Just like your actions results in a spectrum of Grey. Stuck between black and white.

Instead of holding on to good intentions, you ended up in conflicts with the environment. Instead of doing good, you are now seen as otherwise.

You became the black spot in a white paper.

Many of us might have gone through this stage, and everyone has their reasons to do good. The next time you see someone being seen as the defect of white, look deeper. They might be the defect of black who just wanted to stay in their principle of white.

This is one of WE Development's initiative to spread the important concept of Empathy.

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