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Data migration procedures

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Job Process

To digitise workflow processes for our clients, we need to understand their workflow processes first.

When you break down a complex process into smaller chunks, it is much easier to manage! Here, we identified a few standard key processes;

1) Business structure

i) What are the business departments and their relationship with each other

ii) Who are the point of contact during project implementation 

2) Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) 

i) Who and what to be involved

ii) Which processes are to be automated

3) Hierarchy

i) Chain of command for tasks approval

ii) Access rights to sensitive data and information

4) Preference in user experience 

i) Brand Manual like; colour, fonts, logo sizing, document format

ii) User Interface like; organisation of information presented, location of buttons, the sequence of usage

iii) Reduce human error during usage

5) Number of manually filled forms to be digitised 

i) Application forms

ii) Request forms

6) Types of statements

i) Monthly bill statements

ii) Monthly financial reports

iii) Invoices and Goods Received Notes (GRN)

iv) Claims for purchase/transport/gifts

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