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Being arrested of attempted suicide, she shares her experience.

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2 May 2021 at 2:37:30 pm

Image by Daniel Mirlea

Xavierlyn once sat alone and hungry in a holding cell, after being arrested for attempted suicide. 

(Attempting suicide has since been decriminalized in Singapore). Yet, this story offers insight into how we must treat mental health seriously and with empathy. 

Xavierlyn is now a social worker and passionate mental health advocate, having over 5 years of experience volunteering: organizing initiatives, giving talks to raise awareness, and serving people with mental health conditions. 

She hopes that by sharing her story intimately, it will give others permission to seek help and help to eradicate stigma too. I am deeply appreciative of her courage and heart in doing so. 

Do reach out to her to thank her if this episode benefits you.

If you like to connect with Xavierlyn, you can click here.

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