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English Class Tutor

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We plan and deliver English lessons that help students perform better academically. We will need to equip and train them with applying good grammatical rules, vocabulary, mindsets, and tools to tackle challenges in their English papers. We will need to be observant to identify the student's weaknesses and motivate them to improve.

Our performance depends on the student's results. Some tuition centres will appraise based on new referrals from your student's parents as this is a clear indication of your capability. Otherwise, a handful of tutors are part-timers and are paid at an hourly rate.

You will need to possess at least a diploma or A'levels with past experiences in teaching English. For some tuition centres, you will be recognised if you a Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) certificate.

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Get a English Class Tutor job today!

Get a English Class Tutor job today!

Get a English Class Tutor job today!

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