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Managing social media

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Job Process

Identify critical factors influencing the effectiveness of a marketing campaign. Then, propose ways to enhance our strategies and increase productivity.

1) Utilise graphic design software such as adobe photoshop, illustrator and Canva to create and design content for posts on Facebook and Instagram. The purpose behind posts include;

i) Introducing new offers, products, and updates

ii) Advertising upcoming events to educate visitors

iii) Prize-driven events where visitor stands a chance to win something from us

2) Be able to use social media tools to measure the company's marketing performances. This includes identifying location, industry, age, gender, range of target audience, and other popular categories. 

This helps us to design marketing campaigns that could replicate and attract similar visitors to the site. Key activities conducted are;

i) Assessing what makes a marketing campaign good or bad

ii) Plot charts to observe and profile target audience

iii) Identify key methods that perform well in marketing campaign

3) A marketing campaign will be useless without good customer service. We will interact with customers by resolving their enquiries within a given time frame. 

We will reply to them in the post, and if necessary, for further details, we will direct them to private messaging. 

To improve efficiencies, we will identify common questions that arise and if possible, direct users to FAQ and chatbot before escalation to a manual reply. This will reduce the workload significantly.

4) Understand ROI (Return of Investment), by comparing how much money is spent versus how much money is earned from the marketing campaign. 

This gives us confidence in advising marketing costs that can generate the desired result.

5) Depending on the company's size and budget, we may outsource some or even all of our social media management to an external vendor. This will allow us to focus on other more important areas of work that requires our presence.

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