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E submission (Tertiary Education)

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Job Process

Ensure students make timely submission of their work into the E-system correctly so they will not be penalised unnecessarily

1) Communicate to students the deadline and what needs to be submitted for E submission. I have to stress to them that they shouldn’t send their report via;

- Email

- Whatsapp or Telegram

- Wrong folders in the E-submission platform

- Printing and submitting a physical report to me

2) Remind students by;

- During the in-class lesson

- Sending reminders in group chat 

- Asking friends of students who are often left out to remind them of the submission

3) After one or two days from the deadline, I will use the E Submission platform to identify who has submitted

Depending on the platform your school is on, some can be confusing and difficult to use, and we might not know who has submitted.

Hence, it is always a good practice to remind the submission again in class to ensure those who have not submitted can quickly do so before the full penalty is given and their grades are greatly affected.

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