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What makes a "Perfect Employee" ?

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Venkatraman Sheshashayee

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9 June 2021 at 2:56:37 am

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Ever wondered what employers are looking for when recruiting/promoting employees?

By identifying these four qualities, you will stand out from others and have a higher chance of achieving success.

1) Proactiveness

2) Emotional Intelligence

3) Reliability

4) Resilience

1) Proactiveness

To be a proactive employee, you should practice;

i ) Self-management/motivation. Think ahead and take initiative with your work. It is important to align your expectations with your employer’s as they may differ.

ii) Persistence. When met with failure at work, learn to keep moving forward towards your goal. Learn to not get impacted easily.

iii) Having a positive mindset. Look at the bright side of things as you may see more opportunities than problems. Motivate and encourage those around you.

If practiced frequently, you should see yourself improving.

“Do not wait to strike the iron when it is hot. Make the iron hot by striking it.” United States Senator, Williams Butler Yeats

2) Emotional Intelligence

To be an emotionally intelligent employee, you should practice;

i) Open-mindedness. Practice listening to colleagues’ perspectives before jumping to one-sided conclusions. Accept constructive criticism without being defensive.

ii) Responsiveness. When a problem arises at work, you should (with your best availability) act immediately to solve it. Work issues may escalate and become worse if not dealt with sooner.

iii) Flexibility. Plans may change at times, You have to be versatile and adapt to the alternative setting efficiently with your company as your best interest.

If practiced frequently, you should see yourself improving.

“Emotional Intelligence is not the converse of Intelligence. It is not the triumph of heart over heed- Instead, it is a unique intersection of both.” American actor and producer, David Stephen Caruso

3) Reliability

To be a reliable employee, you should practice;

i) Being dependable. Keep to commitments, meet deadlines, follow company policies strictly and arrive punctually to meetings and appointments.

ii) Consistency. Do the things listed in point 1 on a constant basis, putting in effort to always deliver and meet the expectations set by your employer.

If practiced frequently, you should see yourself improving.

“Reliability is the pre-condition for trust.” Germany’s senior politician, Wolfgang Schäuble

4) Resilience

To be a resilient employee, you should practice;

i) Adaptability. When dealt with problems at work, you should be able to withstand stress and adjust to the new conditions quickly and effectively.

ii) Agility. Similarly when dealt with problems, you should be able to solve the problem with speed

If practiced frequently, you should see yourself improving.

“My room collapsed in a storm. Now I see the moon when I look up at night.” Retrieved from CEO Chronicles #20


Mr Shesh is an extremely talented leader and a man of depth.

I have worked with him since 2007 and have watched him head several well-known companies in the OSV sector in which he presided over well-planned growth and successful turning-around.

He is a man of vision with the determination and capability to form/galvanise a capable team to deliver the vision.

Besides being a businessman, he is also an accomplished engineer (fellow of SNAMES) and also an author of short stories on everyday life.

Yujin chia, Vice President, Jurong Port

Shesh moved into the ceo’s role (in Miclyn Express Offshore) during the worst offshore oil & gas market downturn in history and was instrumental in guiding the Group through this business cycle with a very clear strategy on cost reduction whilst at the same time improving operational excellence and generally making the business capability more robust.

I believe the key to his success was Shesh’s ability to obtain buy-in from all employees within the company and to be very dogged about company and personal goal setting and unwavering in his support for all employees to achieve these goals.

In addition to ensuring the resilience of the company during the industry downturn, Shesh continued to keep senior management focused on redefining our core business segments in order that fleet renewal related capital investments or divestures and potential M&A transactions would be more strategic and better place us for exponential growth for a future industry upward cycle.

I feel that Shesh would have a positive impact on any organisation (including goal setting) within a short amount of time based on what I have experienced working with him at MEO and his legacy that continues.

Brad Morphew, Business Head, Eastern Hemisphere, Miclyn Express Offshore

I found Mr. Venkatraman Sheshashayee on LinkedIn.

It was amazing to see his profile, and I connected with him immediately. This happened 4 months after I changed my previous job. Earlier I worked for 15 years with Siemens Healthineers, Bangalore. Since the time I changed the job last year (2019), there were some issues at my work place and I needed guidance. It was my privilege connecting with Mr. Shesh. I sent a simple message asking for help explaining my situation at a high level. To my surprise, he shared his contact number immediately and I got an opportunity to interact with an exceptional advisor. The discussion went for 40 minutes in the first call itself. Here are the amazing qualities of Mr. Shesh I noticed:

- Active Listening

- Patience

- Understanding the situation and my feelings by asking more and more questions

- Giving fantastic suggestions to come out of the situation

- Follow up [This is extraordinary... I never thought I would get a call from him asking if I needed more help. I guess I got a call from him again after a month.]

I can never forget the way he ended the call saying "Please execute all this with dedication".  I followed his suggestions exactly the way he guided me and I can confidently say that I have crossed all the challenges in my work life with his guidance. 

Sometimes I still feel surprised how LinkedIn helped me by showing Mr. Shesh's profile at the right time. While writing this, I have become inarticulate to express my gratitude to Mr. Shesh for all his guidance and support [to just a Linked-In Contact]. Thank you so much, Mr. Shesh for all your support!

lakshmi vasantha, Technical Product Manager, Symplr

Consult Shesh today by clicking here!

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